Timber Buildings have been our passion for many years. For centuries natural wood has been man’s favourite building material. Clad Cabins are made from the highest quality timber and made to the very highest standards. 

Pine Log Cabin

A Timber Building can be an expensive investment so it is wise to take time to choose the right supplier as well as the right log cabin. We monitor our costs, and those of our competitors, carefully, to ensure that we can offer clients the best possible deals all-year-round and can also advise on planning permission etc.

 We do not import cheap (slot together) cabins, that have no frame or structure to them. They are not designed for our climate and will not stand up to our Scottish Weather, as we have experienced!

As experienced suppliers and installers of Timber Buildings, we offer a Bespoke Service. We will work with you to design and build your Timber Building to the highest standards and specifications


Modern Timber Cabin
  • Log cabins,
  • Garden rooms,
  • Barbeque huts,
  • Log stores,
  • Bike sheds,
  • Garden offices,
  • Pergolas and Gazebos,
  • Arbours and Canopies.

With a unique and complete in house fitting service you can sit back, relax and watch as your new garden office, log cabin or garden room is built from the ground up.

Our design processes consider:

  • Intended use or purpose of build,
  • Best use of space,
  • Attractive design in-keeping with the surroundings,
  • Logistics of the build.

We are proud of our reputation in working with our customers to produce custom designed Timber Buildings. 

We have a Clad Cabin suitable for any purpose: Whether you need:

  • A small cabin for potting,
  • A small garden retreat,
  • A log cabin for use as a home office,
  • A large log cabin for residential use.

We have one, or can make one, just right for you and the prices are kept low by cutting out middle-men and selling at factory direct cost.

Clad Cabins are:

  • Extremely good value,
  • Designed and built for quality and resilience,
  • Supported by after build care.

We do not sell and forget – you will have full support before ordering, help with design ideas (if required), during construction and post build. 

Whether you are looking to buy a log cabin or just wondering if a log cabin will be suitable for your intended use or garden then contact us, we are as happy to give advice or answer questions as we are to sell you a log cabin.